Project No. 4:
Improvement of agriculture,
introduction of "Alley Farming"

The leguminous bushes in the alleys produce organic matter which can improve gradually the soil On 10 hectares round a storehou-
se "Alley Farming" was established, where improved varieties of crops are multiplied for farmers
Improved varie-
ties of cassava from IITA are multiplied in mechanized "Alley Farming". The planting area between the hed-
ge-rows is six metres

The area of Igbea-
gu-Izzi is in the Moist Savanna with high rainfall. Erosion causes the deteriation of soil
The method of "slash and bur-
ning" increases the degradation
of soil
In the Institute of Tropical Agricul-
ture (IITA) in Ibadan (Nigeria) was developed "Alley Cropping" by an indonesian agronomist. The Project IZZI tried to adapt this agric technology to improve the soil
Establishment of "Alley far-
Leguminous bushes are used for the hedge-rows

"Alley Farming" is established on a slopy field using contures Mechanized "Alley Farming" with 2 rows of legumi-
nous bushes
The space bet-
ween the hedge-
rows is wide enough to work easely with the tractor (plowing)

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