Mission and programmes of the Integrated Village-Development Project IZZI

The International Institute for Rural Development (IIRD) is in Nigeria the legal holder of the project. IIRD is an autonomous, non profit voluntary nongovernmental organization with bias for voluntary services in such key areas as the educational and socio-economic emancipation of the rural population. IIRD has its headquarter in Ndiakpurata, Izzi L.G.A., Ebonyi State, South-east of Nigeria. IIRD was founded and is sustained by the Austrian "Entwicklungshilfeverein IZZI, Mödling, Austria".

IIRD was formally established as a body corporate by virtue of Certificate of Registration No. 9916 dated 7th January 1997 and issued under the hand of the Registrar General Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja. The Integrated Village-Development Project IZZI began its programmes in 1986. IIRD´s goal is to find solutions for the improvement of the standard of living specially for the youth in rural areas to motivate them to discover new perspectives of life, to enlarge the base of subsistence to make it possible that young people remain in the village.

To realize this, IIRD is involved in:


Food production: rice, yam, cassava.
Metal works (low cost, low technology).
Domestic Center for Womans Vocational Training (dressmaking, baking, tailoring, handicrafts, ect.).
Introduction of Primary Health Care (PHC) in the area of Igbeagu-Izzi.
Save drinking water (eradication of Guinea Worm and other waterborn diseases).
Introduction of resistant varieties of rice, yam and cassava.
Improvement and conservation of soil through "Alley Farming" as a sustainable alternative
to "bush fallow" and "slush and burn" cultivation.
Improvement of sanitation through the introduction of Ventilated Pit Latrines (V.P.L.).
Affordable low-cost housing (using local materials).
School of Integrated Rural Development for the indigenous population.