Project No. 5:
A housing programme for better health,
construction of small affordable family-homes

Construction of a small massive family-house

First phase

The foundation for the first room is a solid platform (15 cm thick) The platform consists of laterite, water and cement The first room (living room) of the family-house is built on the platform

In the depth of a half metre is laterite in big quantity in our area Laterite blocks consist of soil without organic matter stabilized with cement

The family-house is built in three phases

The living room is covered with roof-
beams which are rein-
forced with a skeleton
The idea using lintels to cover the roof comes from houses in Italy (Apulia) The massive roof has a good isolation Lintels (legth 4 m) are produced on planks on the roof The roofbeams are reinforced with steel. The stability of the roofbeams is tested




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