Project No. 5:
A housing programme for better health,
construction of small affordable family-homes

Construction of a small massive family-house

High Power LEDs (Light emitting diod) with 1 to 3 Watt are used for general lighting application

3 Watt Power LED

Fourth phase

To fasten the doors in the frame fittings are used

There is only one door which is closed from outside by a padlock The shutters are closed from inside The rainwater is collected by a gutter The collected rainwater is pumped in containers on the roof by so-
lar waterpumps
A Solar Modul with 12 V and a rated power output
of 50 W gives enough electric energy to charge a battery
of 12 V and 11 Ah
To increase security a strong door is very important The Solar Battery Charge Regulator
12 V 8 A charges gently the battery
(12 V, 11 Ah)


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