Project No. 6:
Production of Cement Stabilized Soil (Laterite) Blocks
using V S Cinva Ram Presses

In the area of Igbeagu-Izzi one can find laterite in big quantity under the surface

Laterite is a soil without organic matter. For pro-
ducing Laterite Blocks it is mixed with cement and water in a cer-
tain proportion
The mould is filled with slightly moist soil-cement

The freshly made block is rised out by pressing down the level A fully dried laterite block with 20% cement has the degree of hardness of a burnt brick Laterite blocks with different mixtures Soil has been used for building houses for long time, but the walls often break or wash away in the rain. Pressing the soil stabilized with cement into blocks makes the wall easier to build, stronger and more resistent to water


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