Entwicklungshilfeverein IZZI,
Weißes Kreuz Gasse 68/16,
A-2340 Mödling, Austria, Europe

International Institute for Rural
Development (IIRD), Ndiakpurata,
Izzi-L.G.A., Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Mission and programmes of the Integrated Village-Development Project IZZI

Where is the Village Development Project IZZI located?






Project No. 1: Purification of raw water

At present extreme poverty is globally afflicting billions of people. Ten millions of children are dying every year from easily preventable diseases. Three quarters of the poor work and live in rural areas. About one fourth of the extreme poor people live in sub-Saharian Africa where in many countries more than 50% of the population live as small-
holders in rural areas.
The Integrated Village Deve-
lopment Project IZZI tries to find in the area of Igbeagu-Izzi (Izzi L.G.A., Ebonyi State, Nigeria) locally solutions for sustained poverty reduction, measures for the people to be able to help themselves to procure save drinking water, health for all, productive agriculture and good housing.

Project No. 2: Primary Health Care - PHC

Project No. 3: Voluntary commitment
Project No. 4: Improvement of housing

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

Project No. 5: Improvement of agriculture

Project No. 6: Production of Lateritblocks
Project No. 7: Production of Deep Well Pumps

Project No. 8: Improved Ventilated Latrines
Project No. 9: School of Integrated Rural Development

Course No. 1: Save drinking water

Course No. 2: Improvement of Agriculture

1. : "Alley Cropping" 2. : Cassava 3. : Yam 4. : Soya


5. : Peanut 6. : Swamprice 7. : Uplandrice 8. : Lifestock

Course No. 3: Production of laterite blocks

Course No. 4: Construction of family-houses

Course No. 5: Fabrication of products, marketing

Project No. 10: Domestic Center
Project No. 11: The Storehouse, a Centre for Rural Development