1. IIRD Water Purification Project

2. Raw Water-Resources in the area of Igbeagu-Izzi:

2.1 Construction of weirs in the river Abe

2.2 River filter on the bank of the river Abe

2.3 Construction of a sandfilter

2.4 Improvement of wells in Igbeagu-Izzi

2.5 Construction of the Deep Well Handpump "Delphin"

2.6 Construction of cylinders for Deep Well Handpumps

2.7 The use of rainwater as raw water

2.8 Drinking water from a borehole

2.9 A Water Purification Plant for a maternity

3. Improvement of agriculture in Igbeagu-Izzi:

3.1 Present situation

3.2 Alley Cropping, an alternative to slash and burn cultivation

3.3 Alley Cropping: Planting of cuttings from Gliricidia congesta in hedgerows
3.4 Mechanization of Alley Cropping

3.6 Processing of cassava

3.7 Planting of "Wateryam TDA-291", an imprved variety of IITA


3.5 Planting of improved varieties of cassava